Meet the CABE Board

The Colorado Association For Bilingual Education is a volunteer board fully dedicated to the education of all children in Colorado. Each member commits to a three year term and brings their professional experiences and ideas to support and build capacity for children, youth and those that serve Emerging Bilingual Students in Colorado.

Tania Hogan President Emeritus (2014-2017)
Julie Benmellah President Elect (2016-2017)
Ernesto Sánchez President  (2015-2018)
Samantha Davis Assistant Secretary (2016-2017)
Dr. Luis Poza Treasurer  (2015-2018)
Jody Slavick Secretary (2016-2019)
Gladys Soto Vice President (2014-2017)
Flora Sanchez Director (2017-2018)
Jorge García Executive Director

Tania Hogan

Tania PhotoTania Hogan was born in Acapulco, Mexico and has lived in Colorado for the past twenty-seven years.  She currently works at the University of Colorado Denver Campus with the NxtGEN Undergraduate Program as a Residency Coordinator and Instructor.  Previously she worked for Denver Public Schools for sixteen years in different roles: bilingual ELA-S teacher, reading interventionist, UCD Site Coordinator, Literacy, Language and Cultural Studies Facilitator, and Teacher Leader.

She received her Bachelors Degree in Psychology and her Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis on Bilingual Education, both from the University of Colorado at Denver.  Currently she is pursuing her doctorate degree in Leadership and Educational Equity with an emphasis on Latin@ Communities, and as part of the first Latin@ Cohort.   She is passionate about teaching and advocating for students of linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds.  Tania and her husband, Jeremy, have two children in elementary school and a chocolate lab that keep them very busy.

Ernesto Sánchez

Ernesto Sanchez

Ernesto earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the University of Houston and, more recently, his MA degree in Educational Equity and Cultural Diversity from the University of Colorado.  Though a recent arrival to the field of education, Ernesto has been associated with Bilingualism for many years.  For nearly 20 years Ernesto worked as an independent consultant for major manufacturing businesses, developing and implementing bilingual training programs designed to educate Spanish speaking employees on current company policy as well as providing them with the necessary training to safely operate and interact with automated production line equipment throughout different manufacturing ing facilities around the country.  Three years ago, Ernesto joined the University of Colorado, BUENO HEP program as a GED instructor for both English and Spanish speaking students.  Recently Ernesto was promoted to the position of Assistant Director of the BUENO HEP program.  Having been an English language learner himself, Ernest has a great appreciation fo t the struggles experienced by students who speak a language other than English.  His is a big advocate for bilingual education programs.

Dr. Luis Poza


Luis Poza is an Assistant Professor of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education at the CU Denver School of Education and Human Development where one of his primary responsibilities is to establish a Bilingual Specialist endorsement for teachers and teacher candidates.  Previously, he taught in East Palo Alto, California and Harlem, New York City before earning his PhD from the Stanford Graduate School of Education.  His dissertation, which investigated language ideologies and language practices in an elementary school bilingual program, was recently awarded the Outstanding Dissertation Prize by the Bilingual Education Research special interest group of the American Educational Research Association.  His current research investigates how understandings of language, language learning, and bilingualism shape policies and curriculum affecting bilingual students.  Luis welcomes the opportunity to contribute to CABE and thus join a rich community of advocates, practitioners, and experts to raise the status of bilingualism and bilingual education in Colorado.


Samantha Davis


Samantha is in her 6th year of teaching. She has taught both English and Spanish instruction kindergarten and first grade classes. She acquired Spanish while working as a volunteer with Peace Corps in Paraguay. In her current position she is happily teaching kindergarten. Her passion for multilingual and multicultural education was ignited when she was involved with the BUENO Center at CU Boulder. In addition to earning a masters in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education she met wonderful educators that remain close friends to this day. In addition to teaching she loves to travel, hike, bike, snowboard, camp and go to concerts.


Jody Slavick

Jody Slavick is currently a PhD candidate in Educational Equity and Cultural Diversity at the University of Colorado Boulder where she also received her MA in bilingual special education. Prior to working on her PhD she worked for 15 years in public schools serving culturally and linguistically diverse students. Her positions over the years include: dual language coach, district ESL/Dual Language resource teacher, middle school ESL teacher & Spanish language arts teacher, elementary bilingual teacher, adult ESL teacher, and preschool bilingual coordinator. She is honored to serve on the CABE board and believes fiercely in advocating for educational policy and programs that positively affect learners, communities and teachers of linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds.

Gladys Soto


“Mi nombre es Gladys Soto and I am the new American reality. I am bilingual, I speak Spanish and English y aveces, I speak both.”  Gladys has worked with bilingual students for many years. She has been a teacher for 8 years in Denver, Colorado. Gladys has an MA in Linguistically Diverse Education from the BUENO Center at CU-Boulder. Her dedication to bilingual advocacy has become her priority as well as making sure that people don’t stay stuck with a single story of culturally and linguistically diverse students and families. Gladys believes that, “We are families with rich cultures, passions, and traditions. We are families of hard work, dedication, success and education.”

Gladys believes that “Our stories matter and our triumphant stories can also be used to empower and repair the dignity of students who come from many backgrounds.”  She wants people to “see us, speak our language, and know our culture.”  She is a lifelong learner and will always be working on improving herself, her skills and growing in her knowledge. She is mindful of the struggles that people go through in their daily lives as bilingual people. She is deeply committed to continue to promote bicultural and biliterate education for all students. She states that she is honored to be on the CABE Board of Directors and help fulfill its mission to celebrate biliteracy and provide educators with strategies and structures to improve the biliteracy potential of Spanish-speaking children.

Julie Benmellah

julie-benmellahJulie Benmellah is in her 20th year as a bilingual educator. She has taught in bilingual and dual-language schools for 14 years in grades 2 through 5. Most recently Julie has worked at the district level as a biliteracy and language development coach. There, she designed and delivered professional development for teachers and administrators PK-12 to meet the language and literacy needs of students across the curriculum. Julie is currently entering a position of Dean of Students for Arapahoe Ridge High School, in the Boulder Valley School District.  She is a multilingual learner herself, fluent in both English and Spanish with developing skills in Moroccan Arabic. She is honored to serve on the CABE Board, joining fellow educators, experts and leaders in advocacy for bilingual education and the use of highly effective and equitable instructional practices aimed at serving the needs of emergent bilinguals across Colorado.




Jorge García

Jorge Picture Large