About Us

The Colorado Association For Bilingual Education is a non-profit membership association. CABE is the only professional organization in Colorado at the state level wholly devoted to representing both the interests of language minority students and the bilingual education professionals who serve them. Children are the primary concern of CABE and its members, who work to ensure that learning is a reality for every student.​

CABE’s Vision

To be premier advocates for bilingual learners, their educators, and their families.

CABE’s Mission

To advocate for and empower the learners and communities through the advancement of equitable asset-based educational policies and programs.

Nuestra misión es abogar y defender la educación bilingüe. Nos dedicamos a mejorar el desarrollo y la calidad de pólizas educativas y programas que afectan a estudiantes y comunidades de diversas orígenes culturales

Areas of Focus

Professional Development, Community Outreach, Educational Leadership, Student Advocacy, Fiscal Responsibility, and Organizational structure.

CABE’s Promise

Your membership will help support CABE’s Mission. You will receive a regular newsletter with scholarly articles, news from around the state, and features about successful schools and programs from around the state.

CABE Members will receive a discount for the Annual Professional Development Conference where you will learn from international, national, state, and local experts on meeting the needs of Colorado’s children.

CABE Members will receive special offers from time to time as well as updates on what is happening around the world with Bilingual Education.

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