CABE Scholarships Available for 2015

CABE Scholarships worth $2,500 each are available for undergraduate and graduate students.  If you are seeking to begin or further your education and are planning to become a Bilingual teacher or a teacher of the culturally and linguistically diverse emerging bilingual students in Colorado get more information here. 2015_CABE_Scholarship_Applications REV

Graduating high school students as well as currently enrolled undergraduate students are eligible to apply.  The deadline is March 15, 2015 so download this application now. 2015 CABE Undergraduate Scholarship

Graduate students seeking a higher degree or those seeking an additional endorsement are eligible to apply for the $2,500 scholarship.  The process is quick and simple.  Click on this link for your graduate application. 2015_CABE Graduate Scholarship

CABE Grant Awarded to Godsman Bilingual Teacher

“Nuestras Recetas de Familia Writing Project” is the name of the project envisioned by Caitlin Goodson who is a fourth grade Bilingual teacher at Godsman Elementary in Denver Public Schools.  Goodson, along with fellow fourth grade Bilingual teacher Janet Cedillo will be conducting after-school workshops with students from both of their fourth grade classroom and their families.  They have already recruited 2 parents to help conduct the workshops in which families will come together to write recipes and the family stories behind them.  The final product will be more than a cookbook.  It will be both a collection of recipes that carries the stories and culture of the participating families.  The $1,300 grant from CABE will allow the teachers to provide the workshops and to publish the books so that each family can have a copy of their writing project.  This is how las maestras Goodson y Cedillo are promoting Bilingualism, Biliteracy, and Biculturalism with CABE’s support.

Dupont Teacher Earns CABE Grant

Courtney Gluski-Rangel is happy to receive a check from CABE Board member, Jorge Garcia.

Courtney Gluski-Rangel, second grade teacher at Dupont Elementary Adams 14 School District in Commerce City, has received one of two grants awarded by the Colorado Association for Bilingual Education for projects that improve the education of Emerging Bilingual students in Colorado.

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Parent Toolkit – a new tool for parents to engage in their children’s academics

NBC News Education Nation has an easily accessible Parent Toolkit to help parents participate in their children’s academic success and personal growth. The Parent Toolkit is a one-stop-shop for parents as a website and mobile app.

The goals of this free toolkit are to give parents a clear understanding of what is expected of their children at each step in their academic journey, and to provide a comprehensive set of tips and tools to help parents engage in and monitor their children’s academic development.

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